He smiles. I’ve seen it.

We’re excited to announce a new colorist, taking over for Alonso for White Lily #2 and (hopefully) staying with us to the end.

Please welcome Blond to our creative team!

As you can see from his website, he does great work. He’s an industry veteran with over 20 years of experience. You may recognize him from his work at DC Comics on titles such as Green Lantern, Red Hood & The Outlaws, Suicide Squad, Batgirl and many more.

He first started working for us by providing the colours to the White Lily #1 variant cover (Kickstarter exclusive). He really has a wonderful way of bringing the comic pages to life, and we’re very fortunate to be working with him.

Four female American flyers walk away in front of a bomber on an airfield
The American Women’s Airforce Service Pilots

He just recently coloured the image above, which will be the regular cover to issue 2. Lovalle Davis, our penciler, did a great job on this cover, which pays homage to the American women who served in the second World War by referencing this photo of Women’s Airforce Service Pilots.

And a very special thanks to our inker and editor, Diana Greenhalgh who put this team together. Without her work, this project would not be nearly what it is.

We’ve finished the cover for issue 2, we’re in production on interiors, and as we near the finish line we’ll be working on the variant cover for the upcoming Kickstarter. Stay tuned!