As of Thanksgiving 2017 at a comic signing at Titan Comics in Farmers Branch, TX.

Preston Poulter (Writer / Creator): Does a lot of traveling, but calls Dallas his home. He completed his first movie, “Standoff at Sparrow Creek” which was filmed entirely in Dallas and is now on Amazon Prime. He enjoys using comics as a medium to explore story concepts in anticipation of movie production at a later date. His first creation was the White Lily miniseries, a story originally conceived at a poker table. He’s also the creator and writer of Guinevere and Divinity Factory.

The penciler who took over for White Lily after the death of Lovalle Davis.

Joaquin “jake” Bilbao III is a freelance Comicbook Artist that has worked on titles like Bloodrayne, Pathfinder, Wolverine, and other Indie Comics like Crispus Caesar, Once Our Land, The Outlaw of Torn, The Monster Men and White Indian.

He lives in the island of Negros in the Philippines with his Wife, Son, and four Border Collies.
Rod Luper, busy at work.

Rod Luper (Penciler for Guinevere and the Factory Society): From Sao Paulo, Brazil, Rod is the penciler for the Guinevere and the Factory Society. Rod works fulltime as a professional artist in advertising and marketing, but he enjoys drawing comics in his spare time.

He smiles. I’ve seen it.

Blonde the Colorist (Editor/Colorist): Currently out of Los Angeles, Blond works fulltime in the comic book industry. With over 20 years of professional experience, his work includes a multitude of titles from top publishers such as Marvel and DC, as well as work as a one sheet designer for 20th Century Fox.