Comics in Production

Currently, we have two comics in production at Pocket Jacks.

Side by Side comparison of historical Lilya to the comic version.

White Lily is the story of the two highest scoring female combat pilots in history: Lilya Litvyak and Katya Budanova. Together, they each scored over ten kills fighting in the skies over Stalingrad and Kursk. The comic explores their relationship and the battles they fought both in the air and on the ground.

Their story will be told over a five issue miniseries. Issue 1 is already out- subscribe to our email list (on the right of this page) to get the first issue for free. The third issue is in production and will be offered via Kickstarter by January 2019.

Page 2, Issue 1  of Guinevere and the Divinity Factory.

Our second title, Guinevere and the Divinity Factory, centers around a mysterious, redheaded woman with magical abilities. Follow her story as she infiltrates a community of mages, seeking admission to the order and their secrets. Of course, it’s never that simple. She’s taken into the spirit realm, where she is forced to accept hard truths about herself and the world. From there, she must complete a quest to reach her goal. Guinevere and the Divinity Factory is also a five issue miniseries, with the first issue available through Kickstarter during the fourth quarter of 2018.